Just like the great prophet Snoop Dogg once said, we took the song “Funk Into The Heat” and we dropped it like it was HOT.

Thank you to all the true believers, the FunkStars, that heeded the call, listened, streamed, commented and shared the FUNK.

Funkus Maximus thanks each and every one of you…

Funk Into The Heat is the first release (of many more to come) for Funkus Maximus. It’s the start of a journey, it’s the first step of a thousand more to a destination unknown.

But what is known though, is that the journey ahead is going to be a funky one.

It will meander and weave, twist and turn, be rough and smooth but all in all, it will be moving forward, incorporating many genres, styles and tempos.

But at the end of the day, as long as the music is funky, makes you dance and helps you celebrate the joy of life itself against a global backdrop of COVID-19 ridden misery and despair, then Funkus Maximus is doing what it has been called upon to do.

There will be more news to come but good things come to those that can wait… In the meantime, Funk Into The Heat has to be given time to cast its spell upon the world.

Seek it and you will find the FUNK.

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