Attention, citizens of Earth… The antidote for our post COVID-19 world has arrived and its name is FUNKUS MAXIMUS.

Prepare yourselves to be transformed by the power of the FUNK. It is your moral duty as receivers of the FUNK to spread it far and wide to any and everybody.

Spread it like a virus.

Today marks the launch of the first (of many) releases from Funkus Maximus.

Funk Into The Heat encapsulates the need for FUNK in a world that’s in dire need of the good time vibe.

At most, it will bring together friends, families, neighbours, suburbs, cities, countries, societies even the whole globe, united under the banner of FUNK.

At the very least it will show you a good time.

Listen to Funk Into The Heat on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon and all other respected online services.

Hello world, it’s time to FUNK!

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Funkus Maximus
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