Attention all FunkStars…

The Latest single from your favourite FUNK band Funkus Maximus “Love Is Easy” is out now through all of you favourite online distributors.

As another great prophet Hal David once said… “What the world needs now is FUNK sweet FUNK.”

“Love Is Easy” will go a long way to filling that need.

The song is an epic tale of attraction, lust, dancing, partying and easy love. From go to whoah the pulsating bass, driving rhythm, sparkling guitars and anthemic strings will send your dopamine levels through the roof.

It sounds like a great night out to me.

“Love Is Easy” by Funkus Maximus… Make sure you check it out, stream it, download it and share the love around.

May the power of the FUNK move through each and every one of you…


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Funkus Maximus
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